Orange Pet Stroller for Small Dogs

This small pet stroller is perfect for small dogs or cats. It can hold up to 25 pounds, so even if you have two or three miniature dogs they could fit comfortably in this stroller.

This stroller, unlike many is not designed like a regular child stroller. It is designed more like a wagon, which gives your pet plenty of room to peek out and see what’s going on.

The top of the stroller is made from a silver sunscreen fabric so you don’t have to worry about your pets getting sunburned. It also helps keep the inside of the stroller cooler and more comfortable. You can unzip the bonnet from the mesh to have push bonnet all the way down allowing your pet to see out the entire top of the stroller.

This stroller also functions as a pet carrier. The square portion detaches from the wheels, making it great to take in the car, or even in the house. The frame of the stroller has hinges on the sides, which makes it very easy to flatten the stroller for easy storage and portability.

If you’ve got a pet but you’re not keen on pink this Orange is really nice, but if you do like pink, this stroller is also available in pink as well.

This is one of the few pet strollers under $50 and we’ve found the best price at

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