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Pet Gear Weather Cover for Special Edition Pet Stroller for cats and dogs, Sage

Pet Gear Weather Cover for Special Edition Pet Stroller

A pet stroller is a fantastic item to have, but when it’s rainy, or snowy, and the weather might keep you and your pet indoors, it’s a great idea to have a weather cover. The Pet Gear weather cover is perfect for your special edition pet stroller.

You might be thinking it’s great that your pet will be dry in the rain, but what about you? The stroller that goes with this cover features a large basket underneath, which is perfect for you to carry a raincoat or poncho that you can slip into quickly if you get caught in the rain.

This cover works well in the winter as well, to help keep out the snow, as well as the cold air. I’m not saying it’s heated, but the wind will be cut down which will allow your pups to stay a little warmer.

This is the Rain cover only ~ so please be aware when you’re buying


The Pet Gear rain cover is also eligible for FREE super saver shipping when you purchase through Amazon.com

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